Why Nigerian songs only last for days by D’coins

Nigeria Songs are not inspirational by D’coins

Looking back the days of Our Legends. The likes of Fele Kuti, Sunny Ade, plantation boys that consist of 2face, Black Face, Faze. Everyone will agree with me that you can actually listen to their songs at the same time get inspired. You can actually listen to their song and also detect. what they are singing is what they are facing at the moment. You can actually listen to their songs and relate it as what is happening at our surroundings. Let’s just say, as of then, we were bless with good music. but lack good content when it comes to visuals.

Why make Music that last for days?

Right now, we make music that only last for days and that’s all, the song is dead (No content). We run back to the studio to produce same again. and then come out to say “am very talented” “am an artist”. Well to you, you are, but to me you’re not. I  can proudly say we have good visuals, we really trying and improving. when it comes to that, they deserve a credit for that but sometimes, our video don’t even relate to what the artist is singing….in most cases, our story lines can be very poor, well what do you expect? The song has no storylines either.

Lets carefully take a look at ourselves; we tend to listen to Nigeria songs only when we are happy, asin if things are going well for good, but when we want to sleep or you’re angry you will want to listen to calm songs and that calm song don’t always be a Nigeria song, why?  As a matter of fact let someone try to play a Nigeria song at that moment, you’ll actually hear that as noise to your ears, why?…..

We are missing it…..

Thank God the Industry is growing every day, new talented act are coming into the industry to change the game. but we should know we are missing it, we are missing the true nature of music, the essence of music, which is expressing yourself.

Those days we had good inspirational songs. (music) but lack good visuals because technology used then was not has good as what we have now. I urge our artists to make inspirational songs. that will last long in people’s mouth and become a generational song, not just for a day.

I want to use this medium to say thanks to 2baba, M.I, Simi, Adekunle Gold, Asha, Olamide, wizkid for taking Nigerian act worldwide. You guys have inspire this generation with good music, God will continue to bless your hustle to keep inspiring us with good music.




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