Davido to Thank Wizkid after BET Win

Davido to Thank Wizkid after BET Win

“For the first time the winner of the class” Best international act “BETAwards2018 will be presented on the main stage”. It was announced on May 16, 2018 through the pen of Twitter BET Africa and Africans, we should note this. This is a plus for African music, applauding news for African artists, and it’s nice to see that the organizers of the BET Awards are finally recovering. This particular step would put an end to many years of discrimination against Africans on a platform that prides itself on “celebrating black supremacy.”

The BET awards were issued in 2001, but the Best International Acts category was not presented until ten years after the award in 2011. The news of recognition swept the whole continent, causing excitement and pride to fill the hearts of Africans, many of whom perceived this as a sign of acceptance and confirmation from the international community. The excitement lasted until the ceremony, when the winners – 2Baba & D’Banj never went up on stage to get their prizes. All that was evident from them was that their names appeared on the slide of the live broadcast.

What happened? Why did not we see our beloved 2Baba & energetic D’Banj at the BET stage? Observers with eagle eyes, such as the singer, Imelda J, saw a straw in the wind and raised an eyebrow. In her tweet of 2014 she wrote “@BET” just to remind you that we are the root of Africa. We do not deserve this PLS, “saying that Tiwa and Mafikizolo were made to speak to technical experts and the team, and not a crowd of guests, as we were believed.

An explanation from BET came years later when KKD, one of the African adjudiciary judges, stated that African artists never go to the main stage, because the American audience of awards has a priority interest that is not our music and organizers, do not want to lose that , what they call the battle for the eyeball, “urging us to accept the” backstage “, as the Israelis happily received the manga manga.

Since only a few people could see behind the fog, as Illda did at that time, Beth continued to distract the African music with a little disapproval to worry. Many fans of African music did not see anything wrong with “second-class treatment”, so their favorite artists were recognized by BET, it’s all good. The wave of excitement around the new international window opened to African music, remained intense, and many fans began to see it as another criterion for comparing African speeches in their arguments after retiring – “2Baba has a BET award, so it’s better than Blackface. D’Bandzh received the BET award, it’s on a woman. Case is closed.’

Subsequent editions of the BET Awards supported a structure in which American artists received 5-star treatment, while non-American (Africans and US) acts were still considered secondary players. Subsequent winners such as Sarkodie, Ice Prince, Stonebwoy got their recognition in the backseat, except Wizkid, which would not be a part of it, because it would not be treated with less than with royalties.

In 2015, “Starboy” opposed discrimination against African figures of the BET Awards, refusing to participate in the pre-election and nominee party, which was expected of the nominees. It was said that the organizers of the BET suffered from the activist act of Wizkid. You might think that Wizkid came up with an excuse, but the singer showed no remorse and justice, so when he wrote on Twitter not to miss the award ceremony, hinting that the differences in principles made him understand. Subsequently, he showed in an interview that he was not participating in awards ceremonies, where he would be considered good enough for the back stage, not the main stage. The organizers of the BET Awards must have felt a strong blow.

The Ghanaian musician, Fuse ODG will later join his brother from another West African state. The singer received the nominated BET International Act UK, but rejected recognition because he felt that he deserved better than the mock-up of the award. Organizers he wrote on Twitter: “You have no respect for our hard work and achievements.” The next African voice, heard on this topic, concerned the goddess of music – Emi Alade. She dragged BET on Twitter, urging them to stop humiliating Africa, saying that they should “PLS” cancel, delete, exclude the category “Best International Law” (Africa) from this illustrious award. ”

The voice of one they say is not the only voice, but the voice of the people is louder than the boom of the canon. The pressure from Africa on BET intensified, and seven years later the hand of the organizers of the award was forced to do what is right – full inclusion of African music and the celebration of its best performances on the main stage, just as Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar celebrated and welcomed the “real” lecture hall.

Now African music has the honor to celebrate the victory, having earned respect

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